Caveats – A refresher

Over the past 6 months I have made several presentations to client law firms, and delivered a CPD session for Foleys List, on the basics of caveats.  The presentation lasts about 40 minutes and takes an overview of the subject, accompanied by a more detailed paper to be read afterward.

A copy is available here:  Caveats – Basics – Handout – WP

The presentation is aimed at practitioners who deal with caveats on an occasional basis but are not frequently involved with litigation regarding them.  The paper covers the following broad topics:

  • What is a caveat
  • Registrations systems as a medium for caveats
  • What is a caveatable interest?  Common examples of what is and is not.
  • Caveats as a statutory injunction
  • Why not just Register anyway?
  • Lodging a caveat
  • The time for registration
  • Removal – lapsing notices and applications to a Court






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