Hello, I am a commercial barrister and mediator  based in Melbourne, Victoria specialising in advice and appearance work in insolvency, banking and tax matters, and this is my website.

I hope to use it to provide an idea of the sort of work that I do for clients as well as to provide articles on legal issues of interest in my area of practice.

You can read the latest articles here.

In my practice I aim to provide clear, direct and practical advice, and I hope the material you will find on this website will be similarly helpful.  I also would like to encourage discussion and so feel free to leave a comment or give me a call on 03 9225 7592 or 0402891370  about any aspect of this site.

Some of the material here will be fairly technical stuff intended for other lawyers or for insolvency practitioners to follow.  At other times I will post some more basic material for the general reader.

You can find more information about me by clicking here, my contact details here and my Victorian Bar profile here.

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